Additive Manufacturing

One of the most important factors of competitiveness is innovation, R&D activities represents the discriminating of that.

Innovation is the ability to develop new competitive products, processes and services, on the world market“. The R&D activity in Sòphia is therefore essential not only for the development of new engineering solutions, based on high knowledge-intensive, but also to the diffusion of innovation in the Company and in the institutions that collaborate with Sòphia to achieve these results.

La passione e la curiosità guidano le nostre innovazioni.
Passion and curiosity drive our innovations.

For us, the Industrial Research provides a close and programmatic cooperation with Universities, public and private Research Institutions and Industries. Sòphia develops in fact the results of research by transferring them on an industrial scale. <h2 “>Applications

The use of the latest materials in products and industrial processes increases exponentially from year to year. The industrial sectors involved in the growth are both the consolidated figures, such as aviation / aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, civil construction and packaging that those of recent development such as nanotechnology, biomedical, where the polymer electronics applications tend to hold even more significance.

“Il miglior modo per predire il futuro è crearlo”  Peter Drucker
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Peter Drucker

In the first three years of activity, the company has focused its attention on some research topics arising from the interest, expressed in Brussels, by leaders of the European Communities.

Sòphia, focus attention to the following research topics:

<h2 “>GREEN Vision: Nearly zero impact materials

In all industrial sectors, with a focus on the transport, we try to use environmentally friendly materials, with high performance levels.
Sòphia, having consolidated know-how on composite materials, which are at the forefront in the transport sector, has gained knowledge of BIO composites.

dagli scarti marini al composito naturale
by marine waste to the natural compound

More attention to GREEN materials, with targets aimed at both low environmental impact materials to eco-sustainable processes. The company promotes their application in the transport sector.

Our commitment to BIO

Starting from a fibrous reinforcement in posidonia, hemp or flax coupled to a thermoplastic matrix has succeeded in producing a retardant material of flame with high levels of thermo-acoustic performances.

“Our economic overgrowth comes up against the limits of the finiteness of the biosphere. The regenerative capacity of the Earth is no longer able to follow the question, the man transforms resources into waste faster than nature is able to transform this waste into new resources “Serge Latouche

This material has attracted the interest of the construction industry, especially in the “green building”. Through the National Operational Program, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Development, the company will finance part of the research for the development of a sandwich panel with high performance, for civil applications.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children" Navajo proverb
“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” Navajo proverb

Also the marine industry has shown interest to the use of this particular thermo-acoustic insulating material which is also naturally fire retardant, without the addition of additives.
Sòphia together with CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre) will partner of Leev project (Light-Weight and Eco-Efficent Vessels) promoted by SINTEF (Norway) and boasting the presence of industries and research centers among the most important in Europe. <h2 “>Eco-efficient manufacturing

Sòphia is the promoter of the “Industry 4.0” philosophy, by additive manufacturing (3D printing) and reverse engineering of complex structures. This type of approach optimizes the industrial production significantly reducing waste, both in terms of energy and of the materials used. Moreover considerable advantages in terms of design and customization of products.

"Who designs knows he has achieved perfection not when he has nothing more to add, but when remains nothing left to take away" Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French writer and aviator)
“Who designs knows he has achieved perfection not when he has nothing more to add, but when remains nothing left to take away” Antoine de Saint-Exupery (French writer and aviator)

Sòphia, along with AVIO, leader in the space sector, in collaboration with CNR ( National Research Council) and DICMAPI ( Department of Chemical Engineering, Materials and Industrial Production, UniNa – Federico II) will implement, on an industrial scale, a new powder mixer, the principle of which is covered by intellectual property, which will be an integral part of a additive manufacturing plant and cold spray.

L’intento è di riuscire a produrre oggetti “nearly zero defects” con leghe personalizzate in funzione delle esigenze del committente
The intent is to be able to produce “nearly zero defects” objects with custom alloys according to customer requirements.

The research and development activities on this issue will be funded by MISE (Ministry of Economic Development) through the new National Operational Program.


<h2 “>Renewable energy

Increasingly greater interest in energy efficiency from renewable sources that make us in the next decades less dependent on fossil energy resources. Sòphia, welcomes the invitation of the European Commission for proposals (call for proposal) that lead to the development of advanced solutions in the interception of renewable energy sources.

In particular the Sòphia develop new solutions for the recovery of energy coming from the tides and the development of hybrid engines solutions, based on the development of the latest generation of fuel cells, for use in the transport sector

Scientific Publications