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Sòphia High Tech operates in the field of MISSION CRITICAL APPLICATION. The Company is involved in engineering activity with high technological content, for critical applications in the field of mechanics and electronics.

Sòphia for Mission Critical Application

Sòphia’s know-how starts from development and characterization of structures, materials and processes. The executive development of the activities follows DMAIC approach (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control). This approach allows to gain important result in R&D and industrial activities. The company employs both time-and-cost saving methodologies and numerical simulation techniques (linear and non-linear). Through deep partnership with the University, Sòphia is also able to provide physical testing for product certification. In addition, Sòphia has a manufacturing dept. that enables the production of equipment and low rate production.

Dove operiamo
Sòphia works in the transport, energy, defense and space field

The Top Management of the Company consists of Ph.Ds on materials, structures and industrial processes. Sòphia, named by INVITALIA “RED TIES TEAM”, has been recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as a case of national success. The Company has been recognized as Spin Off of the University of Naples FEDERICO II and belongs to Aerospace District of Campania.

Our successes

Sòphia develops its expertise in 4 business units:

  • Industrial Research (Numerical-Experimental Characterization of Structures / Processes / Materials)
  • Design (CAD-DMU-FEM-CAE)
  • Realization of test equipment. Can be standard (ASTM, UNI, ISO, EN) or special (designed on a specific customer basis)
  • Prototyping and Production (Industrial Production, Technological Demonstrators, Control and Positioning Equipments, Aeronautical Equipments)


Sòphia TEAM, highly motivated, interprets the professional challenges as solution for continued growth in order to become LEADER in the Advanced Engineering sector.

On these considerations, it was born the slogan “into the project.