Sòphia provides contactless measurement services, and dimensional checks with highest quality and precision.

To provide security and reliability to our Customers, the Company has made very important investments in the most advanced measuring instruments, using latest-generation control software. The choice of these investments is justified by a high level of know-how in the metrology sector

With our dimensional checks and inspections it is possible to obtain all the measurements usually acquired with coordinate measuring machines (CMM), with a very high level of GD&T controls due to the high number of scanned points.

Absolute Laser ROMER arm


The results are provided in printable format, and on a 3D file, thus giving the final Customer the freedom to obtain further measurements in total autonomy.

We offer dimensional analysis services with 3D optical scanning systems, with laser systems, with traditional CMM and, unique in Italy, real-time non-contact 3D deformation analysis services.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT402
Leica Absolute Tracker AT402

The precision of the results obtained with the optical dimensional control is guaranteed by maintenance and systematic checks in compliance with the ISO 9100-2008 standards.

Sòphia carries out dimensional tests in various industrial sectors: from automotive to aeronautics, from steel to space, from energy to nuclear physics, from the naval sector to petrochemicals.