In Sòphia, the management is entrusted to postdocs who fully share the guidelines and corporate values.

The company’s CEO, Antonio Caraviello, transfers to the TEAM the constant desire to get involved, overcoming the barriers that come from the psyche and from the technique. The removal of limits, combined with strong choices to make it happen, are considered the first step to achieve technical leadership and career success. The philosophical imprinting, transferred from Caraviello, appears in the citation that echoes in the Company: “It flies only who dares to do it“, borrowed from the Chilean writer Luis Sepulveda.

For the Company, the management involves not only team coordination, represented by the human resources available to the company and suppliers, but also taking strong decisions in order to ensure results in line with corporate purposes. The goal is to satisfy the subjects (people or organization) who are bearers of interesting in the Company, ie the stakeholders.

The planning involves sharing

In order to cope with market requirements in Sophia we are used to:

  • planning, preparing the organization for the future, trying to anticipate it and preparing the subsequent action plan
  • organizing, providing resources, including human
  • drive, ensuring the functioning of the actions and processes of the company
  • coordinate, ensuring the alignment and harmonization of the contributions of the different departments
  • control, ensuring that assets and production processes are conducted in accordance with the rules and objectives set



Antonio Caraviello, Ph.D.

CEO – Marketing Manager

Luca Matrone, M.Sc.

Sales Manager

Raffaele Sansone, Ph.D.

R&D Manager

Ruggero Montefoschi

Design Leader

Luigi Taddeo


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