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Sòphia High Tech  was founded in 2013 and it is the only Italian company that perform  design, manufacture and marketing activities of equipment / machines for conducting tests on materials, structures, innovative processes.
The company also delivers services of mechanical design and development virtual and physical prototypes  for companies in the industry: aeronautics, aerospace, automotive, rail, marine and defense industries.
The shareholders of Sòphia is composed of university professors and doctors of the University of Naples Federico II, the Company know-how concerning the development and design of mechanical structures made of composite material that is made of metal, using robust design methodologies and availing, themselves of numerical simulation techniques and calculation codes in a linear and non-linear field, also for physical testing for validation in work product.

Named by the Ministry of Economic Development as an innovative start-up of national success, the Company was admitted to the facilities by Invitalia Smart & Start and is recognized as Spin off not attend the University of Naples Federico II.

Sòphia makes use of a growing number of strategic alliances and partnerships already boasts interesting:

  • University of Naples Federico II  that ensures the transfer of technology, and it allows to be alive on the market in terms of innovation and it ensures in time jobs;
  • Mek Euro Engineering Srl, a manufacturing company operating in the field of precision engineering having a high production efficiency and thus able to achieve such high standards of quality, the equipment developed by Sòphia;
  • Tecnosistem S.p.A., a company active on the market since 1976, now occupies a leading role in the development of design in the transport sector and infrastructure;
  • MSC Software and Dassault System partner for the purchase, management and training of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering);
  • PROMETER srl, a partner in the use of dCubo, software that enables automatic and electronic distribution of documents of the company staff.

Utmost care in the transfer of quality knowledge within the organization, continuing education and innovation the pillars on which rests the rapid and exponential growth of Sòphia.

The Sòphia values:


Being at the forefront in science / technology and marketing of our products / services.
We hope to become the leader in our industry, with solutions that meet the market needs, paving the way for treatments, products / services and innovative technological devices and adopting a new approach to the management of technical activities. For Sòphia, open new roads means cutting-edge scientific research and practical achievements through innovative solutions.


Results-oriented customer and technical achievements at international level.
Our goal is to achieve significant results and we ask ourselves the maximum effort, because of our work depends on that of others. We are committed to working together to provide solutions that are effective and profitable. Our attention to the team is based on the principles of honesty and trust which tend to perpetuate the mutual promises and those made to those we serve.


Honoring the past and commit to the future.
Stability means both honoring our history that keep our commitment to the future. We will always be ready to give our contribution to the technology. We keep our promises, in accordance with all our values. This value ensures professional serenity.

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