Solar eclipse 2017 Italy streaming live

Solar eclipse 2017
Solar eclipse 2017

The total solar eclipse 2017 will take place on August 21st and is certainly the celestial event of the century, but few know that this eclipse will be fully visible only in the eastern United States of America with a large, Shadow of about 113 kilometers, the total eclipse period of nearly 3 minutes will be felt at Makanda Township a small town in Illinois.

In Europe only Iceland, Scotland and Ireland will be able to see part of the eclipse while we Italians will not see and we will not see almost anything of this breathtaking event.

Wherever you are, however, you can see the streaming eclipse by linking to the page that the NASA Space Agency has set for this event:

Solar eclipse 2017 direct streaming

Streaming will cover the entire eclipse, from the moment the Moon’s shadow touches the Earth’s surface before running from coast to coast of the United States, capturing all the stages throughout the country up to the magical moment of the earth, The total eclipse where part of America will be swallowed up in a dream night.

Since there are a lot of legends and buffaloes that circulate on eclipses it is perhaps the case to do a little bit of clarity, solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly between Earth and the Sun, obscuring a part or entire disk solar. There are several types of solar eclipse, including annular, hybrid and partial eclipses (when the Moon obscures only a portion of the Sun). But these are not comparable in any way with the incredible view of a Total Solar Eclipse. While the Sun is about 400 times larger than the Moon, the Moon is about 400 times closer to the Earth’s Sun. Thus, the Sun and the Moon seem to have approximately the same dimensions in the sky.

The total solar eclipse has five phases. The first is when the partial eclipse begins, also known as the first contact, when the moon begins to become visible on the sun disc.

The second phase (second contact) occurs when the Moon covers the entire disk of the Sun, which marks the beginning of totality – the third phase.

Throughout the whole, the Moon completely darkens the Sun, skies darken, planets and stars become visible and you can see the beautiful ethereal sun crown.

The fourth phase (fourth contact) marks the end of eclipse and the Moon begins to reveal the Sun.

Among the numerous periodical events, casual observers and professional astronomers are unanimous in asserting that short moments of totality surpass the rest in terms of entertainment and scientific utility.

Only in the totality can be seen the jumble as pink geysers of solar flame from the solar arc. Only then the brightest stars emerge, while the ultra-hot crown of the sun or the outside atmosphere slips all over the sky, its plasma pattern is channeled along visually distinct magnetic field lines.

The same shape of the solar crown looks different and distinctive for each eclipse and depends to a large extent on the phase of the solar activity cycle.

For the first time in almost a century, the continental United States will be embedded in a single shadow. 99 years have passed since a total solar eclipse has stretched from the east to the west coast.

The shadow path will pass through 14 US states.

Last recommendation if you are in the United States get some spectacles to view the eclipse safely.
Solar eclipse 2017 direct streaming