SOPHIA and MAPAL signed a Partnership Agreement

The direct and continuous supply of MAPAL tools in in SOPHIA to carry out CNC Machining activities, in order to guarantee high precision/repeatability in the processing of Space parts, realized both through Additive Manufacturing and Raw Block.

When thinking of Space Travel, companies like NASA and SpaceX are the first to come to your mind. These companies responsibly design and manufacture the most technologically advanced spacecraft, rockets and satellites for different missions. However, the CNC machining and Additive Manufacturing played essential roles in their ability to do this. This process is critical to manufacturing the most minute components up to the rocket’s/satellite’s body design.
It is very important to build spacecraft to withstand life in space. Precision comes to play again here. Parts do not only have to work properly, but they also need to ensure the safe operation of the spacecraft and satellite. This ensures the protection of the crew and the spacecraft itself or allow the in orbit mission for the satellite. Since precision manufacturing is the focus word in CNC machining, this process is the way to go.
In this context, a collaboration agreement was signed between SOPHIA and MAPAL, both Companies representing an excellence in this sector.

Precision machining carried out on Space Parts means considerable skills and investments. In particular, this process involves the use of both extremely sophisticated manufacturing systems and significantly advanced software and instrumentation. The skills of the Staff employed represent the turning point for some production processes. In fact, precision machining is a critical process that requires skilled technicians and rigorous quality control measures to ensure consistent and accurate results. Such technology often requires the use of specialized tools and cutting methods to achieve the desired level of precision and finishing. SOPHIA & MAPAL are involved in advanced technologies for the manufacturing of parts, having complex shapes and geometry, with tight mechanical tolerances. In particular, MAPAL is a developer of cutting technologies used for industrial production, such as machining tools. SOPHIA is a keen user of these technologies, having an expertise (widely recognized by the market) on the industrialization and production of space components. MAPAL is the market leader in the development of advanced machining tools. Through this Partnership the two Companies are going to face the machining challenges that SOPHIA brings on board day by day.


The aerospace industry is known for its high-quality requirements and industry standards. The delicacy of the application of space launcher and satellite also makes it vital to produce high-quality parts. Aerospace CNC machining offers the required solution needed by the industry. With attention to safety and risk management, SOPHIA, thanks to welded partnership with MAPAL (on advanced CNC Tooling) is ready to cater to every aerospace manufacturing needs. The goals that guarantee this approach are:

  • To further develop and advanced know-how on CNC machining;
  • to realize quality parts close to zero defects;
  • to use of even more advanced milling tools;
  • to increasingly guarantee advanced mechanical processing;
  • to increasingly improve the inter-operability between Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining.

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