Context | Space Propulsion MPGE

AVIO assigns SOPHIA the support activities for the development, implementation and integration of the innovative MPGE [Multi-Purpose Green Engine] Space Propulsion system

Space is now widely recognized as a strategic activity for economic development, both for the potential impulse it can give to technological progress and the major issues of “transition” of economic systems, and for the natural continental/European scale that distinguishes it the scope of action and coordination of investments. The National Plan includes several lines of action: SatCom, Earth Observation, Space Factory, In-Orbit Economy. The resources allocated by the PNRR will cover a portion of the investments defined for these lines of intervention. The MPGE [Multi-Purpose Green Engine] Space Engine, a “green” liquid propellant engine, will be used for future In-Orbit Servicing and Space Logistics applications, representing a strategic asset for Italy and Europe as part of Italian-led projects in ESA programs, strengthening and enhancing the skills of the national industrial chain in the sector, as part of future In-Orbit Servicing and space logistics programs. The project involves a technological research and development activity concerning the design, development and qualification of a green multi-purpose engine for orbital and sub-orbital applications [IOS, VEGA-C, VEGA-E and Space Rider].

In the project relating to the ITALIAN SPACE AGENCY [ASI] Contract n. 2023-8-I.0, to which AVIO SpA is entrusted, SÃ’PHIA HIGH TECH was chosen by AVIO SpA for the support activity for the design, production, assembly, integration and testing of MPGE Engine ITEMs. The project will conclude development by the first half of 2026, in accordance with the objectives of the PNRR. A first version of the engine will be prepared by the end of 2024 for specific applications in the field of space transport.


Targets | Space Propulsion MPGE

MPGE Space Engine is characterized by a wide versatility of use, both as a propulsion module for space systems for future generation in-orbit services, also in reusable configurations such as Space Rider, and as an engine for the orbital stage of VEGA-C class launchers.

The project’s broad-spectrum objective is the development of a key technology aimed at increasing national capacity also in the field of space logistics issues, for the surveillance of the space environment (Space Situational Awareness) and the management of space traffic (Space Traffic Management). SÃ’PHIA was chosen by AVIO for the Development, Manufacturing, Assembly, Integration and Testing activities of the MPGE Engine. In particular, SÃ’PHIA is entirely responsible for the Production and Control of the following ITEMS:

– Thermal Control System
– Combustion Chamber
– Nozzle Extension
– Injection Section
– Piping

Program | MPGE

The Project is contextualized in the Financing of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers pursuant to the Prime Ministerial Decree of 1 March 2022 PNNR-FC.

In-Orbit Economy | In Orbit services. Linea M1C2.I4 del PNRR-FC

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