The Company has an obsessive attention and strong emphasis on Customer satisfaction, which is the first of interior performance parameter. The Company puts in place a series of actions to facilitate its customers before, during and after the purchase of their services or products with special attention to the needs of its stakeholders.

Our best Customers:

transport, defense and space:

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in the Energy and Civil:
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in the R&D sector

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For Sòphia, the customer care is not a simple matter of marketing or information systems, but it concerns the company’s values and his vision as a whole. This approach is closely related to strategy, communication, integration of business processes, people and culture. This clear vision puts the Customer to the centre of the attention.

Thanks to this modus operandi, Sòphia, claims among its Customer very important firms in aeronautics, rail, marine, automotive, the ship of space, defense, civil, energy and home automation sector. In addition, the Company has included important customers even in industrial and scientific research.

Also Sòphia, thanks to the international mood, working not only with domestic customers but with operating entities over Europe.

Working with Sòphia leads a path, rather than a product. Sòphia ensures to the customer high standards and multidisciplinary approach. We create a direct and continuous relationship with the Customers focused on mutual growth.
Based on these considerations it was born the slogan “into the project”.