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Strong targeting on the product development in order to create the best design and manufacturing solution, having a deep interaction with the Customer and maintaining the scheduled deadlines. For Sòphia, the Customer Care is not a marketing matter, but concerns one of the main Company value. This clear vision places the Customer at the center of our goal.

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The whole manufacturing phase passes through the CAM simulation of the process. Thanks to the various and diversified work activities, the Company has also developed a deep know-how in the assembly process to guarantee a “turnkey” product.

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Our Manufacturing Department uses the most advanced facilities for the production of metal parts.
The CNC turning process is equipped to produce both prototypes and serial
production parts, with high standards of quality and repeatability.

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The Metrology Department is equipped with systems for dimensional and geometric control in the Clean room.

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SOPHIA uses Additive Manufacturing to create parts with unique and complex shapes; Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology (LPBF) uses a laser to sequentially melt layers by layers of metal powders in an inert atmosphere.

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Our Engineering Team defined the most suitable process parameters to guarantee high-performance components in Additive Manufacturing for any metallic material. All the realized components are subjected to a cleaning and polishing cycle, carried out by qualified operators

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