ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture
ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture

This system establishes the short-beam strength of reinforced composite materials with high modulus. The specimen is a short beam machined from a curve or a plate rolled up to 6,00 mm [0.25 in.] thick. The beam is loaded in three-point bending. Application of this test method is limited to continuous- or discontinuous-fiber-reinforced polymer matrix composites, for which the elastic properties are balanced and symmetric with respect to the longitudinal axis of the beam.

ASTM D2344 Testing-Fixture - Drawing
ASTM D2344 Testing-Fixture – Drawing


Test Standard ASTM D 2344 – D 2344M /  ISO 4585
Maximum Load 10 KN
Temperature Range from -152°C to 318°C
Specimen Thickness depending by the material
Specimen Width thickness x 2
Specimen Length thickness x 6
Mass 7.30 kg
ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture - Assembly
ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture – Assembly


ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture - Application
ASTM D2344 Testing Fixture – Application

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