ASTM D412 Testing Fixture
ASTM D412 Testing Fixture

This method covers the effect of the application of a tension load to vulcanized rubber and similar rubber-like material at room temperature and elevate temperature. Covered are tests for tensile stress, tensile strength, ultimate elongation and set. The method is not applicable to the testing of material ordinarily classified as ebonite or hard rubber.

ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture - Drawing
ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture – Drawing
Test Standard ASTM D 418 / no ISO equivalent
Maximum Load 90 kN
Temperature Range da -80 °C a 149 °C
Specimen Thickness 1.5 – 3 mm
Specimen Width 40 mm
Specimen Length 210 mm
Mass 0.3 Kg
ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture - Assembly
ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture – Assembly


ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture - Application
ASTM D 412 Testing Fixture – Application

Referenced Documents

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ISO Standards

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