ASTM D7269 Testing Fixture
ASTM D7269 Testing Fixture

These test methods cover the tensile testing of aramid threads, twisted cables from these yarns and fabrics from these cables. The yarn or cord can be wound on cones, tubes, coils, chokes, or beams; It can be woven into fabric; or they can be realized in some other form. The methods include test procedures and include no specifications or tolerances.

The age and history of the sample and the specific conditions used during testing, influence levels of tensile properties obtained during testing of aramid yarns and cordes. Among these conditions are very important: elongation rate, type of clamps, gauge length of the specimen, the temperature and the humidity of the atmosphere, air flow rate through the specimen, and the temperature and moisture content of the specimen. Conditions accordingly trial are specified precisely to obtain reproducible test results on a specific sample.

ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture - Drawing
ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture – Drawing


Test Standard ASTM D 7269 / no ISO equivalent
Temperature Range da -150 °C a 316 °C
Specimen Thickness See Designation D 7269
Specimen Width See Designation D 7269
Specimen Length See Designation D 7269
Mass 1.0 kg
ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture - Assembly
ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture – Assembly
ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture - Application
ASTM D 7269 Testing Fixture – Application


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