Thanks to this fixture, it is possible to test, double-edged, typically metal fasteners of various types and dimensions. A hardened tool steel blade, having an accurately toleranced cutout of the diameter of the fastener to be tested is inserted in a fastener support fork, having similar cutouts.
There is a steel support to keep these two components. The fastener to be tested rests on the fork and a compressive force is applied directly to the top of the blade to double-shear the fastener.

These fixtures are normally supplied in sets of various numbers of sizes as specified by the customer. Since each fastener diameter requires an individual fixture, custom sizes for testing special fasteners can be fabricated.

Source of Additional Information:

  • “Fastener Test Methods, Method 13, Double Shear Test (Method 113, Metric Sizes),” Military Standard MIL-STD-1312-13A, August 1991, also National Aerospace Standard NASM 1312-13, August 1997.