This fixture is designed to maintain a constant peel angle of 90 degrees, as an upper sheet is peeled from the rest of a honeycomb panel. Using this fixture can be tested other structures consisting of a flexible face sheet and a more rigid substrate. Are recommended face sheet thicknesses less than 0.010”. The NASA test fixture pulls the face sheet around a roller only 1” in diameter, as opposed to the 4” diameter drum of the Climbing Drum Peel test fixture. The upper roll left, provided for retaining the rigid lower part of the sample, is adjustable.

This allows the thickness of experimentation, and adherent thin and flexible, while maintaining tight rigid bottom in a horizontal plane for each of adhering flexible thickness under test.

To accommodate specimens of different total thickness the two lower rollers are also adjustable. To attach the base of the testing machine, the fixture contains a threaded hole in the bottom. The specimens for testing are up to 2 “wide, 10” in length and up to 1 “thick, with a flexible top sheet up to 0.20” in thickness. The specimen should be at least, with at least 2” of unbonded face sheet at one end.

Source of Additional Information:

  • NASA Tech Brief 65-10173, “Peel Resistance of Adhesive Bonds Accurately Measured,” NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, June 1965.