Leader in Materials testing fixtures, Sòphia High Tech is a reference point for technological innovation. The Company has developed an advanced and unique know-how and in the field of mechanical design and manufacturing, structural simulation, kinematics and robotics.


The CORE BUSINESS is the development of fixtures and machines for materials testing.

The activities range across in different sectors such as automotive, aviation, marine, railway, defense and space. Moreover, Sophia brings innovation also in the nuclear and energy sector.

In structural engineering sector has continuously looking for materials that exhibit low densities and at the same time good strength, good stiffness, good abrasion behavior and impact, and are not easily susceptible to corrosion. The knowledge of the mechanical and physical characteristics of a material is the first step for a correct evaluation of the performance of the exercise component.

In research and development are frequently required materials testing fixtures for the execution of tests that are not the standard kit for testing machines.

In the page dedicated to Materials testing fixtures you wil find all the test fixtures made by us with their technical data sheets.