Congress: Campania, Territory of Excellence in the Aerospace field

Platea Congresso_Aeronautica Militare

The Air Force Specialist School, with the collaboration of the Engineering Department of the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, promotes a meeting with prominent personalities from organizations and industries in the aerospace sector to provide an overview of current and ongoing activities development in terms of training, research and industrial applications of greatest interest and strategic relevance for the country system and for the Campania region and the consequent opportunities and prospects for job placement offered in this sector.

The Congress opens with greetings from Generale di Squadra Aerea Silvano Frigerio

Generale Frigerio_Saluti iniziali

In the field of Education, the excellences of the Air Force such as the Air Force Academy are presented (illustrating the effectiveness of the training paths offered by the Academy itself in collaboration with the Federico II University of Naples, through the description of the path for Pilot and of a particularly innovative project initiative conducted in synergy with the Federico II University) and the School of Specialists (with reference to the integrated course for Aeronautical Maintenance Workers in accordance with European standards with the achievement of the three-year degree in aerospace engineering curriculum at the University of Studies of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and envisages, in the Caserta headquarters, the use of training aids based on “computer based” interactive systems and virtual reality, which are particularly efficient and innovative.

Afflusso Congresso

Valid industrial applications have been provided, cutting-edge in the Campania region and, in particular, in the “working land” territory developed by the University of Campania as part of aerospace training courses using innovative and excellent structures. The panel on training was completed by the intervention of an Italian astronaut who describes, through his life experience, the training process that led him to space flight.

Ricerca ed Applicazioni Industriali Aerospaziali

In the field of Research and industrial activities, the excellence in Campania was highlighted through the presentation of the large research equipment present at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Center) and innovative projects by MBDA (missile applications), Sòphia High Tech (development and production of Space Thrusters using Additive Manufacturing technologies), LEONARDO (Pilot training program), Digital Comoedia (Virtual Reality applications in aerospace). In this field, issues relating to local production and the future prospects of the aerospace industry were also presented (by Campania Aerospace District DAC),to the large telescopes of the present and future (by INAF – OSSERVATORIO ASTRONOMICO DI CAPODIMONTE) and satellite radar monitoring (edited by CNR – IREA).

The congress aims to spread aeronautical culture, which has solid roots in the Campania region and will be aimed at university students and those in the last years of high school with the aim of showing the possible training paths and potential job opportunities in Campania (“work at zero km”), through concrete examples of “success stories”.

Antonio Caraviello_presentazione SOPHIA


  • for the DAC, Giovanni Di Capua
    Presentation of the aerospace industry sector in the Campania region, with focus on the added value activated by the related production in the area and on future prospects;
  • for LEONARDO, Umberto Garofalo
    Presentation of the industrial presence in Campania and of the Pilot training program and its main carriers also with reference to the IFTS program;
  • for CIRA, Stefania Cantoni
    Presentation of the large research and testing equipment for aerospace technologies present at CIRA (Italian Aerospace Research Centre);
    Presentation of big science in astronomy: the large telescopes of the present and the future;
  • for CNR – IREA, Riccardo Lanari
    Presentation on satellite radar monitoring of soil deformations and the built environment, for the defense of the territory;
  • for MBDA, Giuseppe Cossiga
    Presentation of industrial applications for defense.
  • for SOPHIA, Antonio Caraviello
    Presentation on the development and production of Space Thrusters using Additive Manufacturing technologies.
1 Panel in Aeronautica Militare_Industria

Antonio Caraviello

(born on 11 November 1986) holds the role of Sole Director in Sòphia High Tech, constantly working on the Company’s Business Development. He is responsible for the strategic and tactical execution of investment initiatives, corporate communications and market objectives.

Sòphia High Tech is an innovative SME that operates in the aerospace and defense sectors by designing and manufacturing metal parts and assemblies (propulsion and structure) in Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining, in accordance with AS/EN9100 Aerospace Quality standards. The Company represents one of the few European companies that produces Space Thrusters in Additive Manufacturing for both Space Launchers and Satellites. The thrusters are produced in both standard materials (INCONEL718) and custom alloys using an advanced mixing process (SOPHIA patent). The production and control process, completely in house, meets all the standards released by the European Space Agency. Sòphia works with the main OEMs in the sector.

Antonio Caraviello_panel relatori SOPHIA

The second panel, intended for training, was organized in:

  1. Pilot/Engineer/Astronaut Training Course (Air Force Academy and Federico II University)
    – Description of the training course for Pilot (Pilot Officer post US course) and of a project initiative (so-called CanSat project) conducted in synergy with the Federico II University (GARN Officer Course A6 and Federico II Graduating Student);
    – Italian Astronaut (Andrea Patassa). Description of your personal experience on the astronaut training path.
    2. Aircraft Maintenance Training Course (Specialists School and Vanvitelli University)
    – School of Specialists (Umberto Ranieri). Description of the integrated course for Aeronautical Maintenance Workers in accordance with European standards which provides for the achievement of a three-year degree in engineering with aerospace curriculum at the University of Campania and the use of training aids based on “computer based” interactive systems and, in perspective, on virtual reality of particular efficiency and innovation;
    – Digital Comoedia (Guido Bozzelli). Virtual Reality applications in aerospace;
    – University of Campania (Aniello Riccio). Examples of cutting-edge industrial applications developed within the aerospace training courses at the University of Campania, using innovative and excellent structures.

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Articoli Recenti

Space Propulsion MPGE

AVIO assigns SOPHIA the support activities for the Development, Creation and integration of the Innovative MPGE Space Engine

ZIRÈ Satellite

The Gran Sasso Science Institute assigns to SOPHIA HIGH TECH, the activities of Design, Production, Qualification and integration of the innovative ZIRÈ Payload of the NUSES satellite.

T-TECH Project

T-TECH project is part of the European Clean Sky 2 program, aiming the development of a new Tiltrotor aircraft with Leonardo Helicopters.

SOPHIA & MAPAL in Partnership

SOPHIA and MAPAL signed a Partnership Agreement in the CNC Machining field for Tools Supply for Aerospace Manufacturing

Advanced Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing and CNC Machining processes, qualified to produce Space Parts with complex shapes, surfaces and mechanical tolerances

WINK Satellite

Wink Satellite in Sophia